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Despite tremendous advances in medical care, cancer remains the plague of our time. Part of the problem is the many cancer types and growing number of cases. But just as challenging for physicians is the overwhelming amount of new information on cancer treatments that is emerging nearly every day.

How can you possibly determine which treatment is best for your patient's specific cancer and genetic profile?



 New cases of cancer

will be diagnosed in

the U.S. in 2018



 Open clinical trials

of immunotherapies

treating cancer



 Scientific articles on cancer immunotherapy in  the last 3 years



 Cancer types

are treated by immunotherapies

The answer is BostonGene

BostonGene has created a unique solution that continuously collects the latest cancer research and clinical information, estimates the immune fitness and cancer characterization of each patient, and transforms this knowledge into an automated, intelligent medical advisory system. Through our holistic approach to cancer treatment, BostonGene defines the optimal immunotherapy combination that is appropriate for each individual patient.

Improves clinician efficiency and effectiveness by automating individualized treatment recommendations


Enables physicians to stay current with the latest research and trials through continuous global monitoring and updating


Improves treatment decisions for any type of cancer

Saves lives by applying the most effective immunotherapies for each patient


Aligns with a value-based care model, saving money by reducing readmissions and avoiding costly malpractice litigation


Reduces negative side effects of treatments

The result: more accurate and efficient treatments; more lives saved.



BostonGene is a Cancer Treatment Support System - an intelligent biomedical software platform that assists physicians in determining accurate immunological and targeted treatments, personalized for every patient. The BostonGene platform consists of the following core components:



The BostonGene Knowledge Base is a comprehensive repository of the latest diagnostic information, predictive and prognostic biomarkers, and details on the latest immunotherapies, including cancer vaccines, checkpoint blockades, cell-based therapies (CAR T-Cell, NK and others), bi-specific and tri-specific molecular engagers, PRR-agonists, cytokines and oncolytic viruses. This is the vital foundation for determining effective treatments for your patients.


The Knowledge Base is continually updated using BostonGene machine-learning algorithms that search for the newest biomedical and immunotherapy information from across the globe.



This information is then validated by our team of MDs and PhDs to ensure that you get the highest quality data for guiding treatment decisions.

 Knowledge Base

Sequencing Data Archive

Medical Experience

Clinical Trials

Scientific Research

Industry Guidelines

Expertly validated automatic data collection

Flexible Knowledge Base storage using Semantic Web approach

Analysis module

Bioinformatic Algorithms

Genetic Data

Latest Scientific Findings

Patients' immunological profiles

Immunotherapy efficiency prediction

Discovery of the latest biomarkers

Retrospective analysis

... and many more features

The BostonGene Analysis Module processes all information from the Knowledge Base and patient data components.


The Analysis Module incorporates bioinformatic software that processes next-generation sequencing results, immunohistochemistry, cytometry, and other biomedical tests' output to detect biomarkers in patient data, and it applies big data analytics to transform this information into medical intelligence to guide your treatment recommendations.

The BostonGene SciAdvisor provides physicians with an intelligent workspace that brings together all information from the BostonGene core platform components.


With SciAdvisor, you get a molecular-level patient overview that will guide you through the most innovative immunological treatments, complete with evidence-based and research-validated suggestions for treatments best suited to the patient.


SciAdvisor also allows you to manage each patient's genetic data, imaging results, and biochemical analyses that enable you to select the best available treatment for your patient.


Patient Data

Analysis Module

Knowledge Base

Overall patient prognosis

Estimation of immune system fitness and weak points

Set of immunotherapy combinations that are most probable to result in a positive outcome



Genetic Data



Big Data




BostonGene combines traditional medical information such as anamnesis, lab results, and electronic medical records with cutting-edge “omics” data, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Using our proprietary algorithms, BostonGene aggregates and analyzes this data to identify patient biomarkers, unique indicators of each patient's disease state. Biomarkers are correlated with the patient's immune fitness estimation and/or therapy efficiency prognosis to provide recommendations for personalized immunotherapies.

BostonGene has created  sophisticated algorithms to provide comprehensive diagnostic and immunological treatment support for physicians. Leveraging this rich set of features, BostonGene provides physicians with a number of valuable services. Our solution is built on the latest cloud technologies to deliver efficiency, agility, and reliability.  With data and processing in the cloud, users can access BostonGene services using a common web browser from any location at any time.

The BostonGene platform is built on the latest cloud technologies to deliver efficiency, agility, and reliability.

Core technologies include:

Reactive Application Services deliver the fastest response times and extremely high reliability


RESTfull API enables easy access to the knowledge base and platform services


Big Data analytics enables more confident decision making


With data and processing in the cloud, users can access BostonGene services using a common web browser from any location at any time

BPMN 2.0 rules-based engine to run the treatment workflow process


Next-Generation reliable NoSQL database stores all available patient data


Elastic search cluster makes it easy to organize and access the  knowledge base


Rich Web Interfaces make user interaction as simple as possible



Anti-PD1 blockade

Anti-CTLA4 blockade

Anti-PDL1 blockade

Checkpoint blockade


Personalized vaccine


Targeted therapy

RNA vaccine


Monoclonal antibodies

Cytokine therapy

Adoptive Cell Transfer

Immunotherapies are the most promising and rapidly developing treatments for many types of cancer.


BostonGene guides you through all the innovative and classical immunological treatments, helping cancer patients worldwide.

BostonGene is pioneering the use of biomedical software for advanced patient analysis and the application of personalized immunotherapies in the fight against cancer.  Our unique solution continuously aggregates the latest cancer research and treatment therapies from around the world. We then perform sophisticated analytics on this data to produce viable treatment options for each patient's individual genetics and disease profile.

Our mission is to enable physicians to provide every patient with the highest probability of survival by delivering optimal cancer treatments using advanced, personalized immunotherapies.


(с) BostonGene 2015-2018

BostonGene is located in the capital of healthcare and biology: greater Boston, Massachusetts

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