BostonGene® ​has created a unique solution that continuously collects the latest cancer research and clinical information, estimates the immune fitness and cancer characteristics of each patient, and transforms this knowledge into an automated, intelligent medical advisory system.

​Through our holistic approach to cancer treatment, BostonGene defines the optimal therapy combination for each individual patient. The result: more accurate and efficient treatments. More lives saved.

  • Improves treatment decisions for any type of cancer
  • Predicts the patient response to personalized drug therapy
  • Avoids recommending ineffective treatments and subjecting patients to unnecessary side effects
  • Improves clinician efficiency and effectiveness by automating individualized treatment recommendations
  • Enables physicians to stay current with the latest research and trials through continuous global monitoring and updating
  •  Aligns with a value-based care model, saving money by reducing readmissions and avoiding costly malpractice litigation