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The landmark research of BostonGene underscores the importance of combining innovative multi-platform analytics with cutting-edge software to improve patient outcomes. Explore our scientific publications to learn more.

Phase 2 Study of Acalabrutinib Window Prior to Frontline Therapy in Untreated Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoma: Preliminary Results and Correlatives of Response to Acalabrutinib
Blood Journals, 2021
HHV-6 in the Lymphoma Microenvironment: Both Chicken and Egg?
Blood Journals, 2021
Immune-Depleted Tumor Microenvironment Signature Is Associated with BTK Inhibitor Resistance in Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Blood Journals, 2021
A Prospective Study of Clonal Evolution in Follicular Lymphoma: Circulating Tumor DNA Correlates with Overall Tumor Burden and Fluctuates over Time without Therapy
Blood Journals, 2021
Topographic Analysis of Low-Grade Myeloid Neoplasms By Multiparametric in Situ Imaging of Human Bone Marrow Core Biopsy Tissues
Blood Journals, 2021
Oncogenic HSP90 facilitates metabolic alterations in aggressive B-cell lymphomas
Cancer Research, 2021
Conserved pan-cancer microenvironment subtypes predict response to immunotherapy
Cancer Cell, 2021
Diagnostic Utility of RNA-Seq for Evaluation of PD-L1 Expression in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
Clinical Genitourinary Cancer, 2021
Lack of intrafollicular memory CD4 + T cells is predictive of early clinical failure in newly diagnosed follicular lymphoma
Blood Cancer Journal, 2021
The development of a computational machine learning tool to decipher malignant cell gene expression from complex tumor tissue
Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2021
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