Scientific Publications

The landmark research of BostonGene underscores the importance of combining innovative multi-platform analytics with cutting-edge software to improve patient outcomes. Explore our scientific publications to learn more.

Single cell spatial proteomic revelations on the multiparametric MRI heterogeneity of clinically significant prostate cancer
Clinical Cancer Research, 2021
Clinical and biological subtypes of B-cell lymphoma revealed by microenvironmental signatures
Cancer Discovery, 2021
Integration and Iteration: Using Advanced, High-Content Imaging and Single-Cell Gene Expression Analysis to Uncover Unique Aspects of Follicular Lymphoma Biology
Blood Journals, 2020
High Dimensional Tissue-Based Spatial Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment of Follicular Lymphoma Reveals Unique Immune Niches inside Malignant Follicles
Blood Journals, 2020
Compromised counterselection by FAS creates an aggressive subtype of germinal center lymphoma
Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2020
Identification of predicted neoantigen vaccine candidates in follicular lymphoma patients
Blood Cancer Discovery, 2020
A Probabilistic Classification Tool for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Genetic Subtypes with Therapeutic Implications
Cancer Cell, 2020
HER2 expression and M2-like tumor infiltrating macrophages associated with Cabazitaxel activity in gastric cancer
Cancer Research, 2020
Integrated whole exome and transcriptome analyses of the tumor and microenvironment provide new opportunities for rational design of cancer therapy
Cancer Research, 2020
Novel machine learning based deconvolution algorithm results in accurate description of tumor microenvironment from bulk RNAseq
Cancer Research, 2020
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