Why BostonGene

BostonGene’s intelligent interactive platform assists doctors in finding the most effective strategy for precision cancer therapy.

Our system aggregates the latest cancer research and clinical information from around the world. We combine modern technologies, algorithms, and AI to analyze the molecular profiles of patient tumors and deliver all relevant data directly to medical professionals as a comprehensive interactive overview. Our solution optimizes treatment for each patient.

The unique BostonGene solution performs integrated analytics to aid clinicians in discovering the best treatment options based on an individual’s genetics, transcriptomics, tumor microenvironment, clinical characteristics, and disease profile.

BostonGene partners with doctors to provide every patient with the highest probability of response through the optimization of cancer treatments. The sophisticated analytics of NGS data and integration of scientific and clinical knowledge create unique and personalized therapies.

Cancer Cell – ”A tumor ‘‘personality’’ test: the BostonGene MF Portrait™ serves as a roadmap to guide treatment decision-making, drawing from both the genomic and the local microenvironmental landscape of the tumor.”

Christina Curtis, PhD, MSc
Associate Professor of Medicine and Genetics
Stanford University School of Medicine
Co-Director, Molecular Tumor Board, Stanford Cancer Institute

Greater Accuracy and Optimization in
Treatments Save More Lives

  • Improves treatment decisions
    for any type of cancer
  • Avoids recommending ineffective
    treatments and subjecting patients to
    unnecessary side effects
  • Improves clinician efficiency and
    effectiveness by automating individualized
    treatment recommendations
  • Enables physicians to stay current with the
    latest research and trials through continuous
    global monitoring and updating
  • Predicts the patient response to personalized drug therapy
  • Aligns with a value-based care model, saving money by reducing readmissions and avoiding costly malpractice litigation