Clinical Solutions

BostonGene is committed to identifying optimal solutions for precision medicine-based treatment and tailoring those treatments to the specific genetic makeup of each cancer patient. Our mission is to power healthcare’s transition to personalized medicine using our AI-based molecular and immune profiling to improve the standard of care, accelerate research, and improve economics.

BostonGene condenses a vast volume of information related to each patient’s unique tumor and biology into one oncology-friendly report. This report depicts tumor cellular composition, immune- and stromal microenvironments, the activity of tumor-related processes, summaries of relevant disease information, and available courses of treatment.

BG Clinical Portfolio

One Report with All Relevant Molecular Tests

At BostonGene, we know what to do with genomic data. We achieve the most comprehensive overview of a tumor by analyzing more than 20,000 genes (WES), perform whole transcriptome sequencing (RNAseq), and fully dissect the tumor microenvironment.

A careful system of event annotation and internal biomarker databases capture every clinically significant parameter, ensuring that our report provides the right information for each patient and doctor.

Key Advantages of the BostonGene Solution:

Multi-Platform Analytics

BostonGene’s unique computational pipeline harnesses the power of next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning to decipher the actionable findings of each tumor.

NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®)

BostonGene helps to select relevant treatment options for each patient based on their clinical parameters, treatment history, and tumor molecular profiling and align those with NCCN recommendations.

Cohort Analysis

BostonGene analyzes thousands of molecular profiles of patients with different cancers, enabling each patient to be informed by datasets of patients with a similar diagnosis.

Rapid Turnaround

Results can be expected 14 days after both tumor and normal specimens are received in the BostonGene laboratory.

Available Clinical Trials

BostonGene supplies potential applicable clinical trials for each patient, filtered by geography, inclusion criteria and molecular parameters.

Key and Emerging Biomarkers

Daily updates of over 8,000 biomarkers in BostonGene’s database allow us to quickly bring the patient the most recent scientific advances.