BostonGene cloud platform for cancer treatment

BostonGene’s intelligent, biomedical cloud platform is designed to assist physicians in determining the most effective strategy for personalized cancer therapy. It is achieved via the integrated analysis of each patients tumor microenvironment, tumor genetic profile, and clinical information.

Our cutting-edge software solutions facilitates patient’s data analysis

Cloud Platform

  • Reactive application services built as cloud-native microservices deliver the fastest response time and extremely high reliability
  • Modern distributed search and analytics engines make it easy to access and discover the knowledge base
  • Tight integration with OpenStack makes possible to process and analyze clinical and omics data at scale
  • Next-generation reliable NoSQL database stores all available patient data
  • Rich RESTful API enables easy access to the platform services and knowledge base
  • Rich web interfaces make user interaction as simple as possible
  • Big data analytics enables more confident decision making