Molecular Pathologist

About BostonGene

BostonGene Corporation is pioneering the use of biomedical software for advanced patient analysis and personalized therapy decision-making in the fight against cancer. Our unique solution continuously aggregates the latest cancer research and clinical information from around the world.
BostonGene’s unique solution performs sophisticated analytics to aid clinicians in evaluating viable treatment options for each patient’s individual genetics, tumor and tumor microenvironment, clinical characteristics and disease profile. BostonGene’s mission is to enable physicians to provide every patient with the highest probability of survival through optimal cancer treatments using advanced, personalized therapies via sophisticated analytics and the integration of scientific and clinical knowledge.

Position Summary

The Board Certified Molecular Pathologist is responsible for providing Pathology oversight of the BostonGene CLIA/CAP/NYS laboratory in Waltham, MA. The position can be a full-time or part-time clinical appointment with a combination of sign-out, research, and test development.
This role is located on-site in Waltham, MA.


  • Molecular assay interpretation and clinical sign-out, molecular assay development and validation, and participation in laboratory operations.
  • Continuously applying innovative approaches (e.g., predictive biomarkers, bioinformatics, digital pathology, artificial intelligence) to answer clinically relevant questions in molecular diagnostics and computational pathology.
  • Conduct pathology review (H&E and IHC) for clinical and research specimens.
  • Participate in clinical report review and delivery.
  • Promote accurate and effective communication of laboratory data and appropriate patient report results to authorized recipients.
  • Serve as the subject matter expert regarding the ordering of appropriate tests and clinical significance of laboratory data.
  • Interface regularly with other departments including QA, R&D, Client Services, Sales, Bioinformatics, LIMS, and Report Coordination.
  • Collaborate with BostonGene leadership for goal setting, strategy development, and tactical planning to achieve desired business objectives.
  • Collaborate with the current Medical team’s research initiatives requiring advanced medical knowledge that are related to, but not limited to, publications, clinical trials, and patient care.
  • Keep abreast of medical and scientific developments in the designated therapeutic area by continuously reviewing literature in the field, monitoring competitor activities, networking with experts and attending assigned conferences.


  • MD or MD/PhD with Board Certifications (or eligible) in Molecular Genetic Pathology (MGP) with relevant working experience.
  • Demonstrated excellent molecular diagnostic knowledge as well as a proven record of accomplishment in the development and implementation of new technologies and multi- disciplinary collaborations.
  • Five or more years of experience in a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory setting analyzing, interpreting and reporting clinical genetic/genomic data (fresh MGP fellowship graduates will be considered as well).
  • Clinical experience with next-generation sequencing interpretation.
  • Knowledge and/or experience in oncology, cancer immunotherapy, medical immunology and clinical research, preferred.
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