Software Engineer, Bioinformatics


BostonGene Corporation is pioneering the use of biomedical software for advanced patient analysis and personalized therapy decision-making in the fight against cancer. BostonGene’s unique solution performs sophisticated analytics to aid clinicians in their evaluation of viable treatment options for each patient’s individual genetics, tumor and tumor microenvironment, clinical characteristics and disease profile. BostonGene’s mission is to enable physicians to provide every patient with the highest probability of survival through optimal cancer treatments using advanced, personalized therapies via sophisticated analytics and integration of scientific and clinical knowledge.

Position Summary

BostonGene is seeking a Software Engineer, Bioinformatics.  This role will focus on creating the best in market software for omics data.  BostonGene is developing complicated NGS data processing algorithms, which allow us to perform in-depth patient data analysis.


  • Participate in the research and project management aiming to integrate DNA sequencing, RNA sequencing, multiplex immunofluorescent imaging (MxIF), histology, methylation and multiparametric flow cytometry analysis into the daily clinical practice of oncologists
  • Develop bioinformatics components using Docker and CWL
  • Conduct comparative analysis of existing bioinformatics tools for company’s tasks
  • Develop tests for generated components
  • Perform mass-analysis of NGS data using the developed platform


  • Vast knowledge of bioinformatics for tumor genome and transcriptome analysis
  • Experience with software development using Python, Bash, Git, GNU coreutils
  • Proven ability developing containers and/or virtual environment
  • Experience with calculations using task management systems
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field