WALTHAM, MA • 2019-10-08

BostonGene Announces Cancer Research Collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis

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Integration of Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomic and Imaging Analysis aimed at Understanding Cancer Progression and Tumor Microenvironment Involvement
Integration of Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomic and Imaging Analysis aimed at Understanding Cancer Progression and Tumor Microenvironment Involvement

WALTHAM, MA – October 8, 2019 - BostonGene Corporation (BostonGene), a Boston, Mass-based biomedical software company, today announced a master agreement with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to collaborate on multiple research projects.

BostonGene’s solution will provide Washington University oncologists at Siteman Cancer Center with detailed analysis, interpretation and visualization of big data obtained from cancer patient's genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and imaging tests. The solution identifies all significant somatic alterations, evaluates protein expression, computes tumor clonality, tumor heterogeneity, tumor microenvironment cell type composition, hereditary predisposition, viral infestation, pharmacogenomics and predicts neoantigens for personalized vaccine development among other molecular features. BostonGene generates a visually-appealing and self-explanatory tumor schematics, called MF Portrait™, elegantly depicting tumor activity, tumor cellular composition, activity of immune-microenvironment and other tumor-associated processes.

“We’re collaborating with BostonGene to evaluate how its technology can help us identify the best treatments for patients based on the underlying characteristics of their cancers, with the goal of increasing survival. The company’s analytics and integration of scientific and clinical knowledge is aimed at complementing and empowering the precision medicine approach for individual cancer patients,” said Todd Fehniger, MD/PhD, a Washington University medical oncologist who treats patients at Siteman Cancer Center.

“BostonGene’s mission is to provide every patient with the highest probability of survival by selecting optimal cancer treatments using sophisticated analytics and integration of scientific and clinical knowledge,” said Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO of BostonGene. “With our collaboration with Washington University we are transforming cancer care from treating a diagnosis to treating the patient.”

About BostonGene Corporation

BostonGene has a mission to provide transformative, AI-integrated molecular analytics and biomarker discovery for precision matching of therapies to improve the lives of patients living with cancer and other immune-related diseases. BostonGene’s service model provides customized client solutions using a multi-omic approach prioritized for real-world impact, including optimized standard-of-care therapies, accelerated research and cost-effective, measurable results. BostonGene’s tests reveal key drivers of each patient’s unique disease profile, including an in-depth profile of the immune microenvironment, actionable mutations, biomarkers of response to diverse therapies, and recommended therapies. Through these comprehensive analyses, BostonGene’s tests generate a personalized roadmap for therapeutic decision-making for each patient. For more information, visit BostonGene at http://www.BostonGene.com.

Erin O’Reilly

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