WALTHAM, MA • 2021-05-20

BostonGene Announces Publication in Cancer Cell Revealing Four Tumor Microenvironment Subtypes Predict Response to Immunotherapy Across Multiple Cancers

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BostonGene Corporation, a biomedical software company committed to defining optimal precision medicine-based therapies for cancer patients
WALTHAM, MA – May 20, 2021

BostonGene Corporation, a biomedical software company committed to defining optimal precision medicine-based therapies for cancer patients, today announced a publication in Cancer Cell, a premier peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes high impact results in cancer research and oncology. The manuscript, “Conserved pan-cancer microenvironment subtypes predict response to immunotherapy”, describes a transcriptomic-based tumor classification platform that identifies distinct tumor microenvironment subtypes across a broad array of cancers, predicting prognosis and response to immune checkpoint blockade.

“These findings reinforce the power of integrated analysis to discover unique and clinically applicable characteristics of the tumor microenvironment, a crucial factor in therapeutic response in multiple cancers,” said Nathan Fowler, MD, Chief Medical Officer at BostonGene. “The results of our study provided the foundation for us to launch BostonGene Tumor Portrait TestsTM, which are designed to identify key drivers of each tumor, enabling doctors to personalize therapy for cancer patients. The study also represents a major milestone in the landmark research BostonGene is conducting and underscores the importance of innovative multi-platform analytics combined with cutting-edge software to improve patient outcomes.”

For this research study, tumor transcriptome sequencing was analyzed to holistically describe and comprehensively characterize cancer cells and the surrounding tumor microenvironment. Transcriptomic data of over 10,000 cancer patients were analyzed, leading to the identification of four unique microenvironment subtypes that are conserved across 20 different cancers. These four subtypes are strongly associated with prognosis and response to immunotherapy in different cancers. Additionally, a personalized tumor map was created to visually depict key molecular and immune characteristics of each tumor.  The microenvironment classification platform and tumor map provide a clinically useful and robust methodology for response prediction and incorporate precision medicine strategies across varied cancer types.

The BostonGene Tumor Portrait TestsTM reveal key drivers of each tumor, including immune microenvironment properties, actionable mutations, biomarkers of response to diverse therapies, and recommended therapies. Through these comprehensive analyses, BostonGene Tumor Portrait TestsTM generate a personalized roadmap for therapeutic decision-making for each cancer patient.

About BostonGene Corporation

BostonGene is a company at the intersection of technology and biology, dedicated to advancing and personalizing cancer medicine. Founded in 2015, BostonGene has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation to improve cancer patient care and accelerate research and drug development through cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging our AI-powered multiomics platform, we digitize and comprehensively analyze the molecular profiles of cancer patients, including the immune system and tumor microenvironment. Our software solutions, indication-specific cancer library and advanced bioanalytics, enable us to discover multiparametric signatures, identify targets, match them to relevant indications for biopharma and recommend the most effective treatments for patients. For more information, visit www.BostonGene.com.

Erin O’Reilly

Senior Director