WALTHAM, Mass • 2023-07-20

Patient Advocacy Group Awards BostonGene and Its Collaborators a GRASP Advocate Choice Award for 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting Poster

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Study results reveal mechanistic insights critical to discover more effective personalized treatment options for cancer patients
WALTHAM, Mass, July 20, 2023

BostonGene today announced its ASCO poster detailing the results of a study characterizing the differences between invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) and invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), including distinct genomic alterations, gene expression, transcriptomic features, TMEs, and biomarkers, received a GRASP Advocate Choice Award.

GRASP (Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships) is a nonprofit, patient-led organization committed to accelerating and improving cancer treatments by connecting patients, clinicians, and researchers. GRASP was started in 2019 by two breast cancer survivors and advocates who identified a need for breaking down silos and fostering connections within the cancer community. GRASP, held in conjunction with the 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, took place on June 14-15, 2023. The poster was presented by Jason Mouabbi, MD, assistant professor of Breast Medical Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, on behalf of researchers at BostonGene and MD Anderson.

The study, Differential genomic and transcriptomic analysis of invasive lobular and ductal carcinomas, which analyzed samples from patients treated at MD Anderson, describes the use of BostonGene’s integrated genomic and transcriptomic analysis platform to provide an in-depth understanding of the molecular differences between two breast cancer subtypes, ILC and IDC. The results revealed mechanistic insights for both subtypes that can be used to tailor ILC-specific interventional clinical trials, which can help discover more effective personalized treatment options for patients with this aggressive subtype.

“We are honored to receive this award based on the collaborative research effort, which recognizes our continued commitment to cancer research and developing innovative solutions to advance patient care,” said Krystle Nomie, PhD, VP, Research Partnerships at BostonGene.

About BostonGene Corporation

BostonGene has a mission to provide transformative, AI-integrated molecular analytics and biomarker discovery for precision matching of therapies to improve the lives of patients living with cancer and other immune-related diseases. BostonGene’s service model provides customized client solutions using a multi-omic approach prioritized for real-world impact, including optimized standard-of-care therapies, accelerated research and cost-effective, measurable results. BostonGene’s tests reveal key drivers of each patient’s unique disease profile, including an in-depth profile of the immune microenvironment, actionable mutations, biomarkers of response to diverse therapies, and recommended therapies. Through these comprehensive analyses, BostonGene’s tests generate a personalized roadmap for therapeutic decision-making for each patient. For more information, visit BostonGene at http://www.BostonGene.com.

Erin O’Reilly

Senior Director