Waltham, Mass • 2023-12-14

Sarcoma Oncology Center Leverages BostonGene’s AI-driven Molecular and Immune Profiling Platform to Identify Novel Treatment Options for Patients with Advanced Cancers

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BostonGene’s Identification of Elevated CCNG1 Levels in Multiple Cancer Types Unlocks Potential of Tumor-Targeted Gene Therapy
Waltham, Mass — December 14, 2023 — BostonGene, a leading AI-based molecular and immune profiling solutions provider, and the Sarcoma Oncology Center, announced a collaboration to expedite the availability of DeltaRex-G. This groundbreaking platform therapy, authorized by the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), holds immense promise for patients battling advanced pancreatic cancer, osteosarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and breast cancer. The designation of DeltaRex-G, a CCNG1 inhibitor, as a platform therapy with the potential to incorporate other FDA-approved drugs, was enabled by BostonGene’s pivotal identification of elevated CCNG1 levels in these different cancer types.

Sarcoma Oncology Center, located in Santa Monica, California, is a cancer treatment and clinical research center, recognized for its clinical trials and clinical expertise in treating patients with sarcoma.

Sarcomas, rare tumors that originate in bone and connective tissue, pose a unique treatment challenge since most sarcoma subtypes have no approved standard of care treatment and are typically chemotherapy-refractory. The best treatment approach for patients with advanced sarcomas consists of understanding their unique tumor molecular profile, and selection of a therapy that is “matched” to the molecular alterations.

Sarcoma Oncology Center partnered with BostonGene for its innovative computational platform, which leverages AI-based molecular and immune profiling. The BostonGene Tumor PortraitTM test uncovers intricate correlations between between different “omic” profiles including genomic alterations on tumor cells, profiling of a tumor’s immune landscape, and the potential to use these findings to understand which patients are most likely to benefit from treatment. The authorization of investigational agent DeltaRex-G, a CCNG1 inhibitor, as a platform therapy open to incorporating other FDA-approved drugs and immunotherapies stems from BostonGene’s pivotal identification of heightened CCNG1 levels across all tumors tested, including osteosarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, pancreas, breast, urothelial and testicular carcinoma.

“Our partnership with BostonGene provides us with an AI-driven, molecular perspective of the dynamic tumor microenvironment and immune landscape, thereby expanding the treatment horizons for our patients,” said Erlinda Gordon, MD. “This collaboration has broadened our cancer treatment options, as BostonGene is the only molecular profiling company reporting on the CCNG1 expression in tumors,” said Sant P. Chawla, MD, Director at Sarcoma Oncology Center.

“We are pleased to be working with the Sarcoma Oncology Center to support their efforts in personalizing treatments for their patients. Our advanced sequencing and analytical capabilities will be indispensable in guiding treatment decisions for these cancer patients who would otherwise have very limited options,” said Nathan Fowler, MD, Chief Medical Officer at BostonGene.

About BostonGene Corporation

BostonGene has a mission to provide transformative, AI-integrated molecular analytics and biomarker discovery for precision matching of therapies to improve the lives of patients living with cancer and other immune-related diseases. BostonGene’s service model provides customized client solutions using a multi-omic approach prioritized for real-world impact, including optimized standard-of-care therapies, accelerated research and cost-effective, measurable results. BostonGene’s tests reveal key drivers of each patient’s unique disease profile, including an in-depth profile of the immune microenvironment, actionable mutations, biomarkers of response to diverse therapies, and recommended therapies. Through these comprehensive analyses, BostonGene’s tests generate a personalized roadmap for therapeutic decision-making for each patient. For more information, visit BostonGene at http://www.BostonGene.com.

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