Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

The Tumor Portrait™ test evaluates specific features of your cancer, known as biomarkers. These results help your doctor create a personalized treatment plan targeting your cancer's unique features.

Tumor Portrait™

The Tumor Portrait™ test combines DNA and RNA analysis into a single report containing key biomarkers, your medical history, the latest clinical recommendations and available clinical trials. This integrated report allows your physician to choose the most effective treatment plan.

The Tumor Portrait™ test process

Getting started
Speak with your provider about the BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ test.
Sample collection
Your doctor will send a tumor tissue sample to our lab. The normal blood or saliva can be collected in your home or local lab.
BostonGene will analyze your samples for markers that may help your doctor identify treatment options and clinical trials.
Test results will be shared with your doctor via a secure portal.

Transforming cancer care

BostonGene offers a comprehensive financial assistance program and actively contributes to groundbreaking research. Together, we're shaping a future where every individual has access to personalized care.
Financial assistance program
Complete our simple one-page application to see if you qualify for financial assistance. Each application covers 18 months of testing to ensure ongoing support throughout your journey.
Help BostonGene beat cancer
Help us accelerate cancer research by participating in the BostonGene-Integrated Registry (BIGR) Study.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about patients programs.
Why did my physician order the Tumor Portrait™ test?
BostonGene personalizes cancer care with next-generation sequencing. We test your normal DNA (blood or saliva) and tumor DNA and RNA (tissue) and provide your physician with information, including tailored treatment recommendations and available clinical trials.
What is included in the Tumor Portrait™ report?
Who will receive the test results?
How to order?