Breast cancer
Initial diagnosis: 2002 - 54 years old

"I recommend all cancer patients undergo BostonGene genomic testing.”
Initial diagnosis
Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy
Partial Response
Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy
Tumor Portrait™
Complete Response
Jan, 2020

Unlike the previous DNA sequencing tests that found no targetable alterations, BostonGene’s comprehensive whole exome and transcriptome analysis showed several novel findings, including elevated expression of FGFR1/2 and CDK6.

Findings from BostonGene’s Tumor Portrait™ revealed Anna was eligible for a clinical trial. “When my doctor called to say there was an option to be enrolled in a clinical trial, I felt such excitement and hope,” Anna recalls. Since June 2020, Anna has been treated with Abemaciclib (Verzenio™), a CDK4/6 inhibitor. Scans from February 2021 show that the pulmonary nodules and masses are shrinking, representing decreased metastatic disease.

Anna remains committed to her treatment as long as it works.

“We went from doing nothing to treat my cancer, to having an alternative treatment option that has slowed the cancer growth. Not only did BostonGene provide more information about my cancer, they provided me with hope.”

— Anna

To safeguard the privacy of our patients, we have altered the images in order to present real cases from their treatment journeys .