Prostate adenocarcinoma
Initial diagnosis: 2018 - 77 years old

"Thanks to the Tumor Portrait™ test, I received personalized immunotherapy, turning my cancer journey into a story of hope and healing."
Initial diagnosis
Dec, 2018
Radical prostatectomy
Jun, 2019
ADT + Abiraterone + Apalutamide Treatment interrupted
Oct, 2020
ADT + Abiraterone
Dec, 2022
ADT + Sipuleucel-T
Feb, 2023
ADT + Abiraterone
Tumor Portrait™
Mar, 2023
Tumor Portrait™
Good Response
Apr, 2023
Anti-PD1 immunotherapy

In 2018, Kenji was diagnosed with prostate adenocarcinoma. Despite radical surgery and multiple lines of therapy, the cancer progressed over the next four years. Before receiving the Tumor Portrait™ test, Kenji’s prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level was elevated to 23.0.

BostonGene’s Tumor Portrait™ test revealed key biomarkers associated with a positive response to immunotherapy, including high PD-L1, MSI, and TMB and an immune-enriched tumor microenvironment (TME).

After the initiation of immunotherapy, Kenji’s PSA levels decreased by 90%, and CT scans showed significant improvements.

To safeguard the privacy of our patients, we have altered the images in order to present real cases from their treatment journeys .