A custom report built by physicians for physicians

We combine clinically relevant data from the BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ Test into a user-friendly, tailored report for each patient to assist physicians in treatment selection.

BostonGene’s integrated approach solution provides a holistic 360° overview for each cancer patient.

Our clinical pipeline distinguishes 62 cancer types and 129 subtypes, compressing all the information you need into one simple patient-specific report. Key findings are highlighted and summarized on the first page, translating big data into clinical action.

Holistic patient profiling

BostonGene integrates all data into one report, providing you with a comprehensive view of your patient’s tumor.

Our clinical test includes somatic and germline testing with WES, RNA-seq, and IHC. Tumor Portrait™ Tests are customizable to suit every patient’s needs. IHC analysis of Ki-67, dMMR, and PD-L1 expression (Cal10) can be added to any report at your request.

Tumor microenvironment analysis and immunotherapy response prediction

We bring the power of tumor microenvironment (TME) reconstruction into clinical practice.

The BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ Test is highly predictive of response to immunotherapy and stratifies patients into responders and non-responders.

Strong clinical quality control

BostonGene MDs combine AI-analysis of patient genomics with patient clinical history to select the most relevant therapy options for each test report.

Integrated NCCN treatment guidelines

To save time from manually traversing guidelines, recommended therapies are personalized for each cancer patient based on the patient’s unique clinical history and genomic data.

NCCN approved BostonGene algorithms of therapy selection for 34 cancer types. The NCCN module is updated in the same week as NCCN guidelines to keep our database up to date.


BostonGene annotates more than 20,000 unique publications with results of clinical trials. We provide an estimation of the average patient’s response with similar parameters on standard of care therapies.

Clinical trial matching

For each patient we identify the most relevant clinical trials.

The list of available clinical trials for patients is based on the following inclusion and exclusion criteria:

  • Molecular parameters
  • Clinical history
  • Patient parameters
  • Location
Discuss your patient's results with BostonGene experts

The BostonGene team is available to answer any questions at any time. Our team of oncology experts includes:

  • MDs 
  • Molecular biologists 
  • Bioinformaticians

Together, we can find a solution for even the most complex cases.

How to start

BostonGene works directly with oncologists, care teams, surgeons, and pathologists to assist with every step of the process. We provide kits that include everything you need for specimen collection and shipping.

Please contact us to learn more about BostonGene tests, ordering kits, or our clinical trial solutions.

To order the test, download or print our Test Requisition Form. Completed forms and associated attachments can be submitted via email to or via fax to: +1 (857) 557-6273.

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