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BostonGene Immunoprofiling

CLIA-certified CAP-accredited

BostonGene's immunoprofiling assay identifies hundreds of different cell types from a single tube of blood, providing a snapshot of the patient's immune health.

Understanding the immune system informs cancer care

Immunoprofiling assays using flow cytometry are valuable tools for understanding the complex interactions between cancer cells and the immune system. This technique enables identification and characterization of immune and cancer cells in a patient’s blood sample, which can guide the development of personalized treatment plans. 

Deep phenotyping to detect the full spectrum of immune cells
120  antibodies
11 functional panels
300+ cell subtypes
70+ functional T cell subtypes
BostonGene’s immunoprofiling discovers immune system potential and helps:
  • Identify surrogate biomarkers for clinical trial success
  • Monitor disease progression and response to treatment
  • Guide immunotherapy treatment
  • Reveal a patient’s immune-related conditions
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