BostonGene-Integrated Genomic Registry
(BIGR) Study

BostonGene wants to improve the lives of all cancer patients around the world. Not only do we provide BostonGene Tumor Portrait Tests™ that integrate all up-to-date scientific and clinical knowledge, we are also committed to discovering, developing and validating novel biomarkers to improve future clinical outcomes across cancers. BostonGene is involved in various clinical studies at multiple institutions, supporting and guiding physicians, to directly impact patient lives by changing how patients are treated.

The recently launched BostonGene-Integrated Genomic Registry (BIGR) study will describe associations between genomic findings and outcomes of cancer patients who have undergone comprehensive molecular profiling, identify molecular findings associated with therapy, and link patients with future molecular-based clinical research, essentially enabling each patient to contribute to future research and analyses, advancing the clinical outcomes of all cancer patients.

Why Should You Participate in the BIGR Study?

  • The sequencing information of each patient’s tumor can be applied to finding better treatment options for all cancer patients in the future.
  • Your involvement can lead to improved personalization of therapy.

BIGR Study Details: