BostonGene supports scientific research in oncology and immunology. We provide access to a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies, supporting pharma, academic researchers and biomedical companies to develop and validate novel precision medicine approaches.

Biomarker Clinical Trial Design

BostonGene supports precision medicine trial design and analytics of biomarker-driven clinical trials.

Biomarker Discovery

BostonGene’s integrated multi-omics data analysis identifies novel multi-parameter biomarkers of therapy response or resistance that are associated with tumor genomics, transcriptomics and the microenvironment.

CAP/CLIA-Certified Lab Services

BostonGene provides DNA and RNA sequencing, histology, tissue imaging and flow cytometry in a CLIA-certified environment.

Clinical Trial End-Point Enrichment

BostonGene increases therapeutic efficacy and minimizes clinical trial failures by assisting with patient selection via integrated molecular profiling.

Companion Diagnostics

BostonGene identifies multi-parameter biomarkers and molecular signatures of response that can then be developed into companion diagnostics.

Cross-Platform Validation

BostonGene uses a combination of multiple technologies such sequencing, imaging, proteomics, and cytometry to validate research findings to ensure scientific integrity.

Customer Research Lab Services

BostonGene is continuously adjusting current sequencing technologies and developing novel technologies to improve our research capabilities.

Hypothesis Testing on Large DNA/RNA Datasets

BostonGene performs validation and hypothesis testing on uniformly processed and annotated cohorts of RNA / DNA sequenced tissues and microarrays consisting of thousands of patients.

Large-Scale Bioinformatics Support

BostonGene’s cloud-based computational platform is designed to provide parallel calculations of multi-omics data from various sources to robustly and rapidly analyze data.

Multi-Omics Data Integration

BostonGene seamlessly integrates DNA/RNA sequencing, methylation sequencing, scRNA-seq, histology, tissue imaging, and flow cytometry data.

Novel Drug Target Discovery

BostonGene can identify novel drug targets utilizing uniformly processed and annotated cohorts of sequenced tissues and microarrays consisting of thousands of patients.

Large Clinical Datasets

Large clinical datasets uncover new biomarkers and validate clinical hypotheses.

Personalized Vaccines/Neoantigens

BostonGene supports personalized vaccine clinical trials through vaccine design, which is based on mutated oncogenic peptides, fusions and splice site-derived expressed neoantigens.

Scientific Publications

BostonGene provides support in publication writing and encourages joint publications of scientific findings and analyses.

Smart Combo Therapy Design

BostonGene assists in clinical trial design using synergistic combinations of targeted and immunotherapies.

Therapy Response Prediction Models

BostonGene utilizes machine learning methods to create computational models of therapy response prediction.