BostonGene supports academic researchers and life science companies to build a future without cancer

As a research partner, BostonGene provides access to a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies to develop and validate novel precision medicine approaches.

Laboratory services
A compre­hensive portfolio of multiomics laboratory solutions
Use our multiomics laboratory capacity and techniques to analyze a vast array of sample types.
  • From sample preparation to data delivery
  • Additional top-off sequencing for low-quality samples
  • Only pay for samples that pass quality control
  • CAP and CLIA-certified laboratory
DNA sequencing
Whole-exome sequencing (WES) detects genomic alterations, copy number variations (CNVs), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), tumor mutational burden (TMB), and microsatellite instability (MSI) status with high precision.
RNA sequencing (RNA-seq)
Expression profiles of more than 20,000 genes to uncover the activity of biological processes in every sample. Our clinically validated RNA-seq gene fusion and chromosomal rearrangement detection assays offer additional insights into the molecular profile.
ctDNA and ctRNA analysis
Comprehensive molecular analysis of peripheral blood for non-invasive disease detection and monitoring.
TCR/BCR targeted sequencing
Deep sequencing is available for T cell and B cell receptor repertoires.
Immunohisto­chemistry (IHC)
Large immunohistochemistry antibody panels can be customized based on the research needs. A combination of a highly experienced pathology team with AI-based algorithms provides deep analyses of cell populations and tissue architecture.
Multiplex immuno­fluorescence (MxIF)
Study the expression of up to 40 different cell markers in a single FFPE slide with single-cell resolution. BostonGene panels are designed to give a comprehensive overview of tissue architecture, tumor-stroma border regions, immune cell infiltration, and advanced analytics of cell-to-cell interactions.
Flow cytometry
Clinically validated extended marker panel detects more than 350 cell populations in blood or tissue samples.
Cohort analysis
Holistic data analytics
From the idea to the results, BostonGene can support your research goals

BostonGene employees one of the largest groups of bioinformaticians, who work to develop our cloud-based computational platform and perform cohort analyses of any complexity. Each analysis includes:

  • Batch correction (If needed)
  • Genomic alterations
  • Gene fusions and rearrangements
  • Pathway analysis
  • Virus & bacteria infection detection
  • Gene expression
  • Microenvironment analysis
  • TCR/BCR repertoire profiling
  • Neoantigens analysis
  • Project-dependent customizable analyses
We take an integrated AI-based multiomics approach to analytics.
Our experts discuss all findings and in-depth interpretations with our research partners so the data.
A personal PhD-level scientist will drive your project from start to finish.
Our support extends to BostonGene also encourages collaborative publications derived from the scientific findings and analyses.
Solutions for pharma
From development to commerci­alization
BostonGene supports biopharma companies at any stage of product development
​​Novel drug target discovery
BostonGene can identify novel drug targets utilizing uniformly processed and annotated cohorts of sequenced tissues and microarrays consisting of thousands of patients.
Clinical trial support
BostonGene increases therapeutic efficacy and minimizes clinical trial failures by assisting with patient selection via integrated molecular profiling.
Companion diagnostics development
BostonGene identifies multiparameter biomarkers and molecular signatures of response that can then be developed into companion diagnostics.
Therapy response prediction models
BostonGene utilizes machine learning methods to create computational models of therapy response prediction.
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