BostonGene personalizes AI for medical experts to create a vast and continually updated database of biomarkers, therapies, clinical trials, and therapeutic guidelines.  

Adverse Effects

Analyzing drugs adverse effects by assessing drug molecular mechanisms of action, patient genetics and clinical characteristics.

Biomarker Database

Largest and daily updated transcriptomic and genomic biomarkers database of clinically actionable molecular targets in the tumor.

Clinical Outcomes

Automated match with clinically and genetically similar patient cohorts and case studies across the largest database of clinical trials results.

Investigational  Treatment Options

Utilizing daily updated molecular mechanism of action database of all available treatment options to ensure  therapy selection for advance clinical cases.

FDA Treatments

Prioritizing treatment options based on the patient molecular profile within FDA approved/NCCN recommended treatment options.

Inherited Disorders

Predicting the risk of inherited diseases based on germline mutations analysis of normal tissue.

NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®)

BostonGene helps to select relevant treatment options for each patient based on their clinical parameters, treatment history, and tumor molecular profiling and align those with NCCN recommendations.

Available Clinical Trials

Automated search of available clinical trials and matching patient inclusion/exclusion clinical and genetic criteria using machine learning algorithms.

Patient DNA/RNA Cohorts

Collected, uniformly processed and annotated NGS database of different cancer types.

Scientific Publications

BostonGene provides support in publication writing and encourages joint publications of scientific findings and analyses.