BostonGene is using its state-of-the-art molecular testing laboratory to combine next-generation technologies. It integrates whole exome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, multiplexed fluorescent imaging, flow cytometry data, bioinformatics, and analytics to produce comprehensive reports on the unique molecular portraits of tumors. This report equips doctors with all relevant information to identify personalized treatment plans. Validation Studies

Samples are processed at the BostonGene laboratory. The laboratory is CLIA and CAP accredited for DNA and RNA sequencing:

Certification Numbers

  • CLIA: 22D2182613
  • CAP: 8832984


Whole Exome Sequencing of tumor and normal DNA.

ctDNA seq

Targeted deep sequencing of circulating tumor DNA extracted from plasma.

Flow Cytometry

Comprehensive Flow Cytometry of blood and solid tissue utilizing multiple sets of antibody panels.


Comprehensive antibody panel for immunohistochemistry tests.

Multiplex IF

Immunofluorescent imaging of more than 100 of different antibodies, enabling simultaneous measure of more than 30 markers from the single tissue slide.


Expression level measurement of multiple proteins from blood and solid tissues.


Whole Transcriptome poly-A and exome capture sequencing of tissue RNA.

scRNA seq

Single cell RNA sequencing of blood and large spectrum of dissociated tissues.


Targeted sequencing of B- and T-cells receptor repertoire from blood and solid tissues.


Tumor Specimens

Normal Specimens