BostonGene has developed a cloud-based software platform specifically designed for the analysis of precision medicine data and data derived from modern technological innovations.

The cloud-based software platform consists of an architecture that natively integrates informatics, genomics, transcriptomics and microenvironment analysis to empower personalized decisions and the delivery of optimized therapeutic options.

We are personalizing artificial intelligence with medical experts to create the largest continuously updated database of biomarkers, therapies, clinical trials and therapeutic guidelines.

The platform runs precision analytics against terabytes of patient data, and presents the results in a well-structured, intuitive format that provides a 360° overview of a patient’s tumor. The cloud platform also presents relevant data from our scientific knowledge base, including approved, as well as investigational, treatments and biomarkers, all prioritized for each patient. BostonGene’s cloud-based software platform, bioinformatics capabilities, analytical tools and advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) support doctors in finding the most effective strategy for personalized treatment options for their patients.

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